YA Film Fest 2022

From 25 May to 12 Jun, connect with new or familiar young adults from Covenant EFC through our YA Film Fest 2022. Take your picks from our 6 curated films and rsvp to your preferred locations, dates and timings.

Devotional Journal

The Jun 2022 Devotional Journal is now available here. Printed copies will be available from Sunday, 29 May at all three centres.

Workplace Discipleship

IDMC Institute presents a 4-part series on Workplace Discipleship. How do we live a life of discipleship in our church, family and work?

Healing from Sexual Brokenness

Our sexuality is a holy gift from God but has often been tainted by sin. Yet there is no sin that cannot be overcome in the strength of His Spirit, the sanctification by His Word, and the support of a loving community.

China Workers Fellowship 恩友团契

Let’s be the vital village to the nations in our midst. Serve with us at our Sunday lunches, services and CGs at Sungei Tengah Lodge for our Chinese brothers.

Cancer Caregiving 101

Cancer Caregiving 101 provides practical handles for cancer caregivers to cope emotionally as they confront stress, fears, anxiety, and for some, even depression.

Esther Retreat: Discovering the Father

Women-in-Covenant brings you the second round of Esther Retreat, a breakthrough retreat for younger women aged 18 to 30 years old. Esther Retreat will be a time to discover the Father heart of God through sharing of the Word, authentic testimonies, personal solitude and small group time.

IDMC Conference 2022

IDMC 2022

Join us in IDMC Conference 2022 where we come to realize — Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else. — but the very first principles of Christianity is rooted in Christ Jesus.