Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Ways we Give

PayNow & GIRO or Interbank Transfer

*Step 1: Launch your PayNow app, select “Scan & Pay” and scan QR code below according to where you are giving to. Please take care to scan the correct QR code for the fund which you are giving to.

Step 2: Login with your User ID and PIN.

Step 3: Verify that the payee name is “Covenant Evangelical Free Church” or “New Life Community Services”

Step 4: Enter amount you are giving.

Step 5: Indicate “GF” for General Fund and “MF” for Missions Fund when giving to BPJ, WDL and EAST.  Indicate NRIC and contact number in the Reference Number field for Tax deduction purpose when giving to New Life Communtiy Services.

Step 6: Verify all details and click on “Pay Now.”

*If you are viewing the mobile site, take a screenshot of the QR code and upload the image to your banking app. 

BPJ PayNow
Bukit Panjang Centre Details
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Building Fund PayNow
Building Fund Details
New Life PayNow
New Life Community Services donations/funds


Please make the cheque payable to “Covenant Evangelical Free Church” in full. We are unable to process cheques with abbreviations or acronyms. Kindly indicate “GF” for General Fund and “MF” for Missions Fund and include the breakdown amount for the two funds, if the cheque amount is for both funds. Provide your name and contact number behind the cheque and mail it to:

Covenant Evangelical Free Church
2 Kallang Avenue
#10-26, CT HUB
Singapore 339407
Attention: Finance Department

Giving Status

Giving as at 15 May 2022

General Fund

42% of total annual target

Missions Fund

58% of total annual target

New Life Fund

24% of total annual target

We give thanks to God for His wonderful provision.

Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) is a society with charitable organization status. However, like all churches in Singapore, we do not have IPC (Institute of Public Character) status. Hence all donations to the church are not tax deductible and as such, we do not issue a receipt for all donations received.

CEFC is GST-registered. All the fees and prices it charges for any events will be inclusive of GST. Please direct any queries to finance@cefc.org.sg.

CEFC engages in several activities to fulfil our calling as an intentional disciplemaking church.

Currently, our funds that are in operation include:

  • General Fund: For Church Ministries Expenses and Operating Expenses (includes the annual transfer to Missions Fund of up to 15% of the annual General Fund Tithes & Offerings and the transfer to Sinking Fund & Welfare Fund when required)
  • Missions Fund: For Christian missions works, both local and overseas
  • Building Fund: For property acquisitions, property lease renewal and property Addition & Alternation (A&A) works
  • Sinking Fund: For major repair and maintenance of property
  • Welfare Fund: For providing short-term financial assistance to needy members of the church. For enquiries, please email financial.assistance@cefc.org.sg.
  • Full-time Workers Fund: For support of full-time staff’s needs as well as subsidy for church events like Camp