Outreach / Creative arts



Personal and relational, evangelism is about sharing who we are and what God is doing in our lives during our interactions with friends, relatives, associates, neighbours and even strangers (FRANS).

Basically, we share our faith with others because of God’s love for us and an understanding of His heart for the unreached.


We develop a lifestyle of sharing Christ with our FRANS and demonstrate God's love through our own lives.

Through PDA -€“ Personal Revival, Divine Appointments and Active Obedience,€“ we cultivate a disciple-making lifestyle. The Outreach Ministry equips our members with strategies, tools and training, while offering advice and resources for outreach events.


If you have burning questions about God, religion and Christianity, our Seeker Groups are a great place for answers. Gathering in cosy, informal groups with others who share your curiosity, these Groups offer a space for you to air your thoughts and queries over coffee. The discussions comprise a variety of topics and are spread over four sessions.

Common questions discussed include "Are all religions the same?"€, "€œDoes God exist?"€ and "€œWhy doesn'™t God stop suffering"€, among many others. And you are welcome to ask your own!

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The Nurture ministry team equips you to follow-up with new converts. In one-to-one meetings and small groups spread over one year, you can guide them to grow in understanding Christianity and develop their walk with God.


The Community Outreach (CO) ministry team provides opportunities for members to bless the community through kind deeds, outreach events and relevant programmes, so that we can share God'€™s love and the gospel.


Beyond singing praise songs, we also worship God with the creative arts, honouring Him through music, drawings, dance, video and drama; thus creating a Christ-centred worship that touches hearts, inspires the imagination and fans our faith in Christ.

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