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Care in Covenant

Vision of Care-in-Covenant (CiC)

To build an empowering care structure and to provide short term intervention within the IDMC environment, for those who are hurting and who require help in overcoming bondages, so that they can experience the abundance in Christ.

Areas of Ministry

  1. Equipping
    Provide people helping skills to staff team, leaders and members of the Church so that we can build a safe and stronger care community.
  2. Support Groups
    Provide resources to support groups with specific needs.
  3. Referral
    Provide a list of professionals who can be referred to for situations that need professional help.
  4. Ministry Team
    Provide short term intervention (5 sessions) for those who need help with deeper issues in life.

Note on Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team comprises of a lay team of God loving Counsellors, with many who are also trained in the areas of Healing & Deliverance, who can come alongside to counsel and to bring about a restoration in relationships for those who grapple with pains in their discipleship journey.

If you are a CEFC Member or in a Covenant Group , and need counselling, please provide your details here. Our staff-in-charge will get back to you.

Pastoral Care