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Men-in-Covenant (MiC) is the men’s ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) and part of the Integrated Equipping Pillar of CEFC.

I. The Vision and Mission of MiC

The vision of MiC is to inspire a men’s movement where every man is empowered by the Scriptures, the Spirit and a spiritual brotherhood in his ADID journey of becoming a ACK of man. The vision of CEFC is Authentic Discipleship and Intentional Disciplemaking (ADID) of A Certain Kind (ACK).

The mission of MiC is returning men to authentic and godly manhood to impact his communities and to catalyse men’s movements to glorify God in Singapore and beyond.

II. The Key Platforms of of MiC

The key platforms of MiC are currently :

Our Men’s Breakthrough Weekends (BTWs) held twice a year. Our BTWs are the key vehicles for “Transform Me”, one of the 6 Key Life Transformation Strategies in CEFC.  

Our regular men’s gatherings called Saturday Morning Oasis (SMO) where men come together weekly and find themselves refreshed in His presence among His men gathered in His name.  

Our monthly man equipping series where we equip men in biblical manhood to connects us as God’s men to our faith in a real and relevant way to where we are living daily, and to experience His truth and power for His Glory.

Our periodic men’s conferences where men gather in and beyond CEFC to be inspired to live out the Christian life in the key areas of discipleship in their lives.

III. What MiC is about

MiC is in essence about breakthroughs, brokenness, biblical manhood, brotherhood and blessings.

We believe breakthroughs happens when God breaks into our lives and we break with the sins in our lives and we experience spiritual breakthroughs essential for our discipleship.

We believe in brokenness as a heart posture among our men where where we live in earnest repentance, consecration and a total surrender to His perfect will.

We believe in a biblical manhood journey of “becoming God’s men” where we embrace our identity, take up our responsibility, walk in integrity, account to a spiritual community and live God’s destiny.  

We seek to encourage a spiritual brotherhood among men where “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17) through a “safe” place where men can be encouraged, equipped, exhorted and empowered as God’s men, where men can find acceptance, affirmation, accountability in an alignment to God’s will.

We embrace the Abrahamic covenant believing that we are blessed to be a blessing. Our key vehicles are Men’s Ministry Network where as one of its anchor churches, we seek to catalyse men’s movements in Singapore through ministries to men and in our partnership with CEFC mission where we labour in establishing men’s breakthrough weekend platforms in churches beyond Singapore.  

For more information on MiC, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. MiC’s core team members are :

Steve Chiu (Chairman), Chue Chee Wei, Terence Tang, Eugene Long, Jeremy Ang, John Chee, Tommy Tan and Ps Kirk Tan (Pastor in charge).

IV. Distinctive Expressions of MiC

MiC embraces the 5 core values of Truth, Community, Stewardship, Balance and Brokenness. Our expressions of some of these values and our distinctives as a ministry are as follows :

1. Prayer and His word are the key foundations of our ministry (Psalm 127:1). We look to God, we lean on God (5 loaves 2 fishes) for His ministry to His men.

2. His ministry is first to be among us before His ministry flows through us. Those who serve in MiC often feel that “I need the ministry more than it needs me”.

3. We value authenticity and seek to build a safe place of acceptance, affirmation and accountability for the brothers where they can be encouraged, equipped and exhorted to godliness (Rom 12:9-16; Rom 15:7, 1 Thess 5:11).

4. No man walks alone (Ecc 4:10) as each man needs a band of brothers (Prov 27:17). We each need Jesus and are committed to bring one another before Jesus whatever it takes (Mark 2 – 4 men and a paralytic).

5. Every man is called to impact his communities – to lead his family, witness his workplace, serve His Church and impact his communities.

6. We serve together, we serve one another. We encourage and celebrate every brother’s effort of serving in the ministry, and acknowledge every one has a contribution to the Kingdom.

7. We are committed to serve God’s vision of men’s discipleship in His church in and beyond CEFC.