Book your Camp Package + Room & Transport Package
Registration Guide

Camp Registration Phases:

Phase 1: Early Bird Rate — 4 to 31 March
Phase 2: Normal Rate — 1 to 29 April

Important Notes before Registration

  • Conference venue is at Marriott Hotel
  • There are three hotels available in the vicinity: Marriot, Le Meridien and Palm.
  • Meals are only at Marriott or Palm. (Impacts CG eating together.)
    Camp Package (Meals)Hotel Eligible to Book
    Marriott Marriott or Le Meridien
    Palm Palm
    If you book Camp Package at Palm, you CANNOT book accommodation at Marriott or Le Meridien.
  • Make sure you have (1) Camp Package + (2) Room and Transport Package (2 separate bookings).
  • There will be no Leaders' Advance this time.
  • Momentum Camp is at a different venue (same dates) and registration is through Momentum.
  • We usually clear our wait list. So if registration is FULL, please put yourselves on the wait list immediately (first-come, first-served).
  • Each person can register only once for a maximum of 20 pax.

Things you will need for Registration:

  1. Personal Information for yourself and your family members;
    1. NRIC*
    2. First Name or Chinese Name*
    3. Last Name
    4. Christian Name (if any)
    5. Gender*
    6. Marital Status*
    7. Nationality*
    8. Worship Centre*
    9. Date of Birth*
    10. Contact (HP)*
    11. Email*
    12. Emergency Contact Name (Full Name)*
    13. Emergency Contact Number*
    14. Emergency Contact Relation
    15. *These are compulsory items
    (NRIC replaces passport as key information, but please ensure you have 6 months validity and make a copy of the passport for room registration - hotel requires for tourism tax purposes.)
  2. A computer with an Intenet connection.
  3. A credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard) (for online payment).

Please note that each person is limited to only 1 registration with a maximum of 20 persons. Do ensure your credit limit can take the 20 persons costs as payment must be in full when doing online - no partial payment option is available. You will be required to furnish all information before you are allowed to make your bookings.

If you want a copy of Registration Guide and FAQs, you may download it here

Step 1: Book Your Camp Package
  1. Book Camp Package
  2. Log into Engage using your NRIC (e.g. S1234567K) and password.
  3. Please read the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Check on the box 'I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions'.
  5. The person logging in is the first participant, override if the person is not attending.
  6. 8. Continue to enter all the personal particulars of the individuals who are attending the camp in subsequent rows (maximum of 20 pax, inclusive of adults and children).
  7. For any dietary needs, please indicate in the Special Request box. E.g. food allergies
  8. Click on Compute Charges.
  9. Review the total charges. For any changes needed, click on 'Back'.
  10. Choose the Visa/Mastercard logo or Pay@CEFC (offline).
    For Online Payment: Pay by Credit or Debit Card. (Visa or Mastercard)
    For Offline Payment: You may choose to pay by Credit Card, Cheque or Cash within 2 weeks on any Sunday at the Info Booth:
    If you do offline payment, please allow 48 hours after making your offline payment before proceeding to Step 2: Book your Room & Transport Package. If you miss the Sunday booths, please send in your cheque by mail.
  11. Click Logout.
    You may review your bookings at any time by logging into the Engage system (, then go to 'My Bookings'.
  12. Check your email for confirmation of your booking and take note of your Camp Package Booking Reference ID. You will need this for Step 2: Book your Room & Transport Package.
Step 2: Book your Room & Transport Package
  1. Book Room/Transport Package
  2. Scroll down and enter your:
    • Camp Booking ID - Camp Package Reference ID and
    • Camp Booking Owner Validation (Email Address) - Email address of the main booker who booked the camp package
  3. Select Hotel:
    • If you book camp package at Marriott/ Le Meriden, you can choose to stay at Marriot or Le Meridien (Package);
    • If you book camp package at Palm, please proceed to Palm Package to book your room.
  4. Read the instructions, terms and conditions. By clicking checkout, you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Select room type and quantity.
  6. Select the participants from the drop down list. Tick the Pre-stay button if you wish to stay 1 day earlier (04 June). For participants opting for coach, click on 'Coach Transfer' and select "Coach Location & Timing'.
    Pick-Up & Drop-Off Location (must be the same).
    Note: Coach Travel is only for 5 June (Pick-Up Date) and 8 June (Return Date) only. If you plan to go earlier and/or return later, please make your own transport arrangements.
  7. Double check on the Contact Information of Booking IC. This person will be the main correspondence for the booking.
  8. You may choose to pay online or offline.
    For Online Payment: You can choose to pay by Credit or Debit Card. (Visa, MasterCard).
    For Offline Payment: You may choose to pay by Cheque or Cash at the TAE Booth within 2 weeks of online registration or you can pay in person on 11 or 25 March when the booths are on at our Worship Centres. Cheques must be made payable to 'TRAVELLERandEXPLORER Pte Ltd'. Please mail the cheques directly to the TAE office when the TAE booth is no longer set up at our Worship Centres at the following address:
    Traveller and Explorer
    89 Short Street
    #10-03 Golden Wall Centre
    Singapore 188216
  9. Check your email for confirmation on your Room & Transport Package booking.