We have implemented the following precautionary measures to ensure that we do our part in preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Service Precautions
• 100% temperature taking at all services. We will be asking anyone with flu-like symptoms to refrain from entering the premises.

• Recording of hall seating arrangements during services to facilitate contact tracing purposes.

• Signing of health declaration and providing of contact information at entry to each service to facilitate contact tracing purposes.

Precautions for TNG (16 Feb 2020)
• All TNG services (Preschool, Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Youth) across our three worship centres (BPJ, WDL and EAST) will be temporarily suspended until further notice. There will not be any Youth CG discussions held in the church premises for the moment.  

• We highly encourage parents to use our discipleship resources (i.e.. lesson guides, activities, discussions, videos) uploaded and made available on this site (cefc.ch/tng) for your family. Let us seize this opportunity to have family discipleship moments with your children at home!
Video Transmission of English Services
•    English and Mandarin/Dialect services will carry on at their regular timeslots and usual venues
•    Video transmission of the English sermon will be available on our Covenant App and Facebook page at 10am

Updates on smaller-scale training events and meetings
•    All other non-essential meetings, events and training in the next two weeks have either been postponed or will be conducted via e-platforms.

Increased Hygiene Practices

•    The frequency of cleaning of commonly used areas at our worship centres, such as toilets, dining areas, information booth counters and TNG registration counters have been increased.