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Sermon Calendar

October 27
Guilt, Substitution & Grace (Isaiah 54:1-55:13)
Ps Tan Siang Hon (BPJ) | Ps Sharon Fong (WDL) | Ps Sandra Chi (East)
November 3
Revival & Contrition (Isaiah 56:1-57:21)
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ) | Paul Shi (WDL) | Ps Barney Lau (East)
November 10
Revival & Responsibility (Isaiah 58:1-59:13)
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ) | Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (WDL) | Ps Sharon Fong (East)
November 17
Revival & World Renewal (Isaiah 59:14-60:22)
Rev David Chan (BPJ) | Ps Sandra Chi (WDL) | Ps Edmund Wong (East)
November 24
Revival, Preaching & Prayer (Isaiah 61:1-62:7)
Paul Shi (BPJ) | Ps Sharon Fong (WDL) | Ps Matthew Lo (East)
Dec 1
Revival & the Wrath of the Lamb (Isaiah 62:8-63:14)
Ps Lim Keng Yeow (BPJ) | Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai (WDL) | Ben Sun (East)
Dec 8
Revival & the Coming of God (Isaiah 63:15-64:12)
Rev Tan Kay Kiong (BPJ) | Ps Edmund Wong (WDL) | Ps Sandra Chi (East)
Dec 15
Revival & Eagerness of God (Isaiah 65:1-66:24)
Sarah Chan (BPJ) | Ps Ivan Ho (WDL) | Rev Barney Lau (East)
Dec 22
Christmas Outreach Service Message (Topical)
Ps Lee Da-Win (BPJ) | Ps Sharon Fong (WDL) | Ps Matthew Lo (East)
Dec 25
Christmas Service Message (Topical)
Judith Halim (BPJ) | Ps Edmund Wong (WDL) | Paul Shi (East)
Dec 29
Isaiah Revisited (Book of Isaiah)
Ps Sandra Chi (BPJ) | Ps Ivan Ho (WDL) | Rev Barney Lau (East)

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