Security in the Midst of Loss

The kinds of loss people face include the loss of job, career, dreams, marriage, significance, health, loved ones, meaning, purpose and hope. The experience of loss is especially common to people everywhere as we find ourselves struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Nations are doing our best to respond to this unprecedented crisis, but the daily death toll continues to climb and the pandemic continues to do damage to individuals, families, communities, businesses and economies. While we understand that loss is inevitable in human experience, we cannot help the strong feelings of insecurity that develop in our hearts.

How can I feel secure again? Why is this pandemic happening? When will all this turmoil end? Is there a place that can provide me security? Is there a practice I can adopt? Is there a purpose I can embrace? Is there a person I can turn to?

There can be no security unless we can have certainty that things will be alright in the end.

The victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death provides the basis for the believer’s security. This security is not a mere feeling, transient and subjectively dependent on the believer’s circumstances. God offers an objective and everlasting security to everyone who would believe in His Son Jesus Christ. You and I can have eternal security in our lives because Christ suffered the loss of His life on the cross for our sake. Because Christ paid for all our sins, we won’t have to pay for them ourselves on judgment day when Christ returns to judge the living and the dead. Because on the third day Christ left behind the grave, so will we on the day when Christ returns to gather His people to Himself. We will receive resurrection bodies that are immortal and make our eternal home in the City of God when He renews the heaven and the earth. Everything will be alright in the end…provided that we put our faith in Christ and trust in Him for the salvation of our souls and bodies. Believers will forever dwell in God’s presence in the fullness of joy and gladness. Our lives are secure in God’s hands and on His appointed day He will give to us all His promised blessings according to His perfect plan.

Written by Ps Ivan Ho


Below we offer some resources to help you in your journey of getting to know God and growing as a Christian.


“Finding Security in the Midst of Loss”, by Ps Barney Lau:


On the Resurrection of Christ:

“The Heartbeat of Christianity”, by Rev Edmund Chan:

“Resurrection: The Hope of Man”, by Rev Edmund Chan:

“Resurrection: God’s Glory”, by Rev Edmund Chan:


On Suffering:

“How to Deal with Dark Times”, by Dr Timothy Keller:

(Dr Keller expounds on Psalm 88 and explains the realism of the Bible and the Psalms. ” He shows how in our darkest times we can find hope in Jesus Christ. Listen out for his insightful and powerful closing.)



Three-part discussion on pain and suffering, by Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai:

Coronavirus, Suffering and Psalm 91 The Human Problem of Suffering


“Trusting God’s Hand When I Couldn’t See His Face”, by Timothy Paul Jones:



Psalm 42”, by Tori Kelly:

(With deep feeling and passion, Tori Kelly sings of the soul’s need for God just as the deer pants for the water, and how we really need Jesus.)



Psalm 88

Psalm 39

Job 1-3; 42

Lamentations 3:19-24

Habakkuk 3:17-19

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Daily Devo

Daily Devotional Journal

Psalm 146
Thu, 26 May 2022

The Champion of Justice


What are the things that the Lord does, for which the Psalmist greatly praises Him?

Deeper Reflection
GOD KEEPS FAITH FOREVER; HE FULFILS ALL HIS PROMISES (v.6b). Therefore, people everywhere can put their trust in God, look to Him for help, and always hope in Him (vv.3-6). It is futile to put our trust in other people − even those with earthly power and authority. They cannot ultimately deliver us (v.3), because they are transient (v.4). We should instead trust in God the Creator of the universe, because He is eternal (v.6).God does justice! He is the Champion of justice! Verses 7 to 9 tell us clearly that God’s heart beats with compassion for “the oppressed”, “the hungry”, “the prisoners”, “the blind”, “those who are bowed down”, “the righteous”, “the sojourners”, “the widow” and “the fatherless”. Therefore, God executes justice on their behalf, feeds them, sets them free from captivity and bondage, gives them sight, lifts them up from depression and despondency, shows them His love, watches over and protects them, and supports and defends them. God cares deeply for the weak, the poor, the powerless, the ill-treated, the hopeless, the disabled, the burdened, the trapped, the minorities, the destitute and the defenceless. God acts directly as well as through His agents to help them. Of all people, God’s people are to be His faithful representatives in their society and in the world!Brothers and sisters, do our hearts beat likewise for such people? What have we done to help and support the poor and needy in our land? Will we both pray for them and take decisive action on their behalf? What will you begin to do or continue doing in order to serve them?

How can I reflect God’s heart and His ways to society and indeed the world?

Write a prayer to God as your response from your meditation on and application of the Scriptures.
Prayer Pointers:
  • Give thanks and praise
  • Pray for Outreach/Missions/New Life leaders: To reflect God’s heart and His ways to our society and the Asian nations
  • Pray for significant people
  • Pray for those in need
  • Pray for self

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